Why does newborn photography cost a bomb?

October 5, 2020By 0

So, your little cherub is on the way and you have been assiduously doing your homework on the best newborn photographers in town. Much to your surprise, it is not cheap! Well, little did you know that newborn photography is a highly specialised skill that not many photographers engage in. It requires one to be extremely proficient in handling newborn babies and the various styling methods.

Given their fragile frame, it is of utmost importance that your photographer is experienced enough to put baby into awkward positions which are not the norm. This means that they must have undergone specialised training or apprenticeship in handling newborn babies. Most of the positions shown in newborn photography are not your everyday positions that you would put you baby into. Hence, your photographer has to be adept and knowledgeable.

Moreover, they have sensitive skin which requires hygiene standards to be of top priority. Many newborn photographers use organic materials which are specially design for newborn babies which cost a lot more. These props are made of materials such as, 95% bamboo and 5% spandex. These props come from specialist shops, where the vast majority of them hand make their products. This includes using organic fabrics and hand painted props with safe types of paint for your little one. For example, the basin below is hand painted to give that vintage and rustic feel. There is no actual rust on the basin for they safety of your baby.

Furthermore, newborn photography sessions take longer than a normal photoshoot. In most cases, a lot of time is spent trying to settle the baby down. This means, feed time be it bottle or breastfeeding. Also, during change of concept, the baby is disrupted from their sleep and needs to be put to sleep again. It takes a lot of time to move in between sets. An average newborn session usually lasts approximately 2 hours, whereas, a family session could last for about 30 min.

After the session, parents view the images they like and select a few for full post-processing. That means, removing all blemishes including rashes, pimples or scratch marks. This process is a tedious process as it has to be done manually and could take up to half an hour per image. Most newborn’s will have some form of flaking on their skin which has to be removed. Their skin tone also has to be adjusted, as some babies could have jaundice, and therefore, very yellow skin.

Before full edit

After full edit

Hence, a lot of work goes in to post-processing the images to achieve that robust and radiant skin.

Lastly, we can only take in a limited number of sessions per month due to the fact that newborns could be born early or late. This means that, bookings are only made tentatively in order for us to maximise your session.

Hence, it is important that you pick a right photographer who has all the essential skills needed to get that beautiful newborn of yours captured!